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The Diary of a Young Girl is one of my favourite books of all time, so the idea of a novelisation of the same events was simultaneously exciting and just a little bit worrying.

Happily - and to my great relief - I found that for the most part, Dogar's endeavour manages to walk the fine line between 'respectful tribute' and 'artistic license' quite successfully!

Would the author be sensitive and do justice to these people?

The book was already causing controversy and I wondered how I would feel about it.

(His) story is complex and moving (and) his voice is eloquent." (Irish Times John Boyne)"Dogar has . (His) story is complex and moving (and) his voice is eloquent." (The Irish Times)"Oliver Wyman portrays a resentful 15-year-old Peter van Pels, who lives in Amsterdam in 1942.

See all Product description I didn't know quite what to expect from this novel.I would love to have seen more of a development of Peter's thoughts- longer passages where the reader got to connect with him and have a greater insight into his thoughts and feelings while trapped in the annex.Despite the difficulty of the subject matter at hand I feel that the author's target audience could have handled a much more authentic engagement with the seriousness of the events of the time.The book is written from the point of view of Peter van Pels, the teenage son of the family in hiding with the Franks.It begins with Peter watching his (entirely fictional) girlfriend Liese and her family being rounded up and driven away. He makes his way reluctantly to the warehouse to join the Frank family - and his first impressions don't exactly fill him with joy...

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