Updating the prepost plane in monetdbxquery

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Updating the prepost plane in monetdbxquery

(Session chair: Don Chamberlin) - Lunch (buffet); demos-- session chair Mary Fernandez - XQuery implementation challenges Organizer: Fatma Ozcan (IBM Almaden) Participants: Kevin Beyer (IBM), Till Westmann (BEA), Muralidhar Krishnaprasad (Oracle), Wolfgang Meier (e Xist)? - session chair: Sihem Amer Yahia XML Access Modules: Towards Physical Data Independence in XML Databases Andrei Arion (INRIA), V eronique Benzaken (LRI), Ioana Manolescu (INRIA) Updating the Pre/Post Plane in Monet DB/XQuery Peter Boncz (CWI Amsterdam), Stefan Manegold (CWI), Jan Rittinger (University of Konstanz) - : Break - SQL and XQuery-- Jim Melton, Oracle (session chair: Don Chamberlin) - Panel: What is the future of XQuery?The course is intended for those new to concrete & geomaterial constitutive modeling, but will also be useful to those seeking a more in-depth explanation of the LS-DYNA concrete & geomaterial constitutive models covered.A significant portion of the course is devoted to understanding the types of laboratory tests and data that are available to characterize concrete & geomaterials.Constitutive models for concrete & geomaterials (rock and soil) are typically based on the same mathematical plasticity theory framework used to model common metals.However, the constitutive behavior of concrete & geomaterials differs from that of metals in three important ways: These basic differences give rise to interesting aspects of constitutive modeling that may not be familiar to engineers trained in classical metal plasticity.

The mechanics of the constitutive model are emphasized to provide the modeler with the insights necessary to easily separate cause and effect in these complicated constitutive models.Unlike most metals, whose strength is characterized by a single value obtained from a simple uniaxial stress test, concrete & geomaterial characterization requires a matrix of laboratory tests.A knowledge of how these tests are performed, the form and format, of typical laboratory test data, and the interpretation of the data for use with a concrete or geomaterial constitutive model, is essential to becoming a successful concrete & geomaterial modeler.We also reduce the physical cost to the minimum (i.e.linear to update volume) by carefully exploiting the virtual column feature of Monet DB to store pre numbers (virtual columns are never materialized, and thus need not be updated).

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